Monday, July 22, 2013


I always call my books Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia - A Life In Poems and My Magnolia Memories and Musings-In Poems, "a celebration of the south and things southern". Through my poems, I attempt to give a positive glimpse into the southern way of life, rather than all the negatives usually portrayed.

It might come as a surprise for people to know that some of the biggest fans and supporters of my books are NOT from Mississippi....or even from the south!.
Yes, I do write exclusively and extensively about my love for the South, but I never try to bash the North or any other region.

I have a dear Facebook friend Debra Estep from Ohio, whom I became acquainted with, through a mutual Facebook friend and fellow Mississippian, Cyrus Webb.

She read the poems and the books and loved them.
She liked the messages that I was trying to convey.

Now, very frequently, and totally out of the goodness of her heart and her generous spirit, she makes graphics to go with my poems to enhance increase my ability to attractively share them and to increase the likelihood that others will share them.
The beautiful water color magnolias on many of the poem graphics that I post on Facebook are her original artistry!
She did a beautiful watercolor bottle tree painting for my Bottle Tree poem ...and later told me that she had never even HEARD of a bottle tree, before !
She also did an absolutely amazing painting of Elvis' birthplace home . 

(You can see some of these pictures below.)
I tease Debra all of the time about being Undercover Southern ! LOL!
I want to send a big Thank You to her and to all of my non-southern Facebook friends and book supporters !

You're wonderful ...and very much appreciated ! 

This is the BEAUTIFUL watercolor in process for my Bottle Tree poem, 
lovingly done by dear friend Debra Estep in Ohio !


  1. Patricia, THANK YOU for this beautiful, from your heart message !!!

    Of course my 1st thought was, OMG, why did she go and talk about US !!! Ha ha... You know I would prefer to be off to the side AND in the shadows, but I totally FEEL the love in all your words.

    YEP born and raised in the Cleveland Ohio area, not 25 miles from Lake Erie. I have shared my family story with Patricia. My Mom and Dad met while my dad was in the Air Force, and he was stationed in Southern Ohio.
    (That IS something we have in common, both of our dads are Air Force veterans).
    On a blind date, my folks met and Mom was whisked away from her family, to live in the Cleveland area. Mom was born and raised on a small family farm. Compared to big city life in Cleveland, my Mom's roots were considered 'Southern'. I thank God for that 'down home' sense she instilled in my brothers and I.

    I see an authentic and spirit filled woman in my friend, Patricia. I am happy to use my God given talent to help promote her life mission.

    LOVE YA GIRL !!!!

    PS....... I did drink SWEET TEA way before I met you. !

  2. ONE MORE PS.....

    Let me tell you how horrified I was when Patricia first shared my in progress bottle tree, work area picture !!!
    I took the picture, and sent it to her in private, just to SHOW the messy work area.
    THEN ...... I see SHE SHARES IT on FACEBOOK.

    Quickly, I could see Patricia did that to WAVE the Deb flag and honor me. :)))

  3. That's awesome!! And, well deserved! www.christyrwilliams

  4. A positive Mississippi has an effect on the world! I enjoy the poetry and drawings.

  5. I love love love poetry!!!! and these are so beautiful and are such a good reflection of the life behind the poetry you write...what a divine connection you both are! this art truly brings your poems to life even more! I have been working on some things and was a little hesitant about it but this truly inspires me to go forth! thanks so much for sharing! this is awesome! Keep promoting a positive mississippi! :-)