Monday, April 8, 2013

April is National Poetry Month ! POETRY MATTERS !!!

I am so happy to know that my "little books of southern poems" have been able
to reach, touch and affect so many people, in more ways that I could ever have imagined.
This Mississippi poet has truly been touched and humbled by that !

Recently, a dear Facebook friend made some beautiful comments on an interview
that I did on author Carl Purdon's blog for Poetry Month.
I am rarely left speechless, but the words that she shared really got me !
As the old folks would say: I was "full"!
As you know "fullness " often spills over tears. It did !

Here are her comments:

"I have really loved getting to know the heart of Patricia via her poetry, Facebook activity and personal correspondence. I have the utmost respect for her. This an excellent interview and have loved reading this experiencing it as a walk with her in a garden with the fragrance of her well loved Magnolias in the air, the Sun shining just for us and the lovely sounds of nature in the background.
When her books were deposited into my life I was daily a Caregiver for a lovely Southern Belle herself. In her day she was an avid reader and while mystery novels were her voice she loved poetry. I read the books to her with her often asking "go back and read that again" over and over. Then she'd ask to see, meaning 'hold' the book. There are so many selections that took net back to her childhood in Alabama, while not Mississippi, still 'The South' with many of the same experiences.
Early Monday morning, March 25th our Lord reached His hand out to her and she reached out to take it. When her daughter-in law walked by her door around 1:00 AM, there was no more breath in her. Since then I've thought about how she would lovingly hold Patricia's book to her chest with the most wonderful far away look on her face that truly lit up her countenance.
These are just some of the moments I've spent enjoying Patricia's writings. I am looking forward to a 3rd edition.
Thanks again for this great interview."
Jennie Heberg

I must say, you never know how much/how often/how deeply you can/might affect people around you with just being you ..and doing what you do. I am so glad and feel so privileged and blessed that I can have a positive effect on so many people by doing what I love ...Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi through my poems. I love doing what I do. I love shining a light on the positive side of my state and region.
My message to all is.... Be You ! Do You ! Shine !
You never know who you will touch !

LINK TO INTERVIEW -  Author Carl Purdon

I, also, recently received a note from a Facebook friend who had just received her books in the mail. She wrote:

"Thank you for these lovely gifts to pass down to my Children's, Children someday of their Momma's Roots. I appreciate your Gift of writing such vivaciously of our Rich Heritage and Homeland."

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