Monday, December 24, 2012

The Female Morgan Freeman??!!! Me??!!!!

Recently, I received one of the most amazing compliments from a Facebook friend after listening to my short audio readings of a couple of my poems.
He said that I had the perfect southern voice to go along with the verbally painted pictures of my poems.
THEN, he asked if I had heard Morgan Freeman narrate a book?
Duh! !!! Have I heard him???!!! Who hasn't heard him??!!!
Morgan Freeman is THE MASTER of narrations!!!! Period !!!
And... he's a Mississippi Man ! Woo Hoo!!!!

Anyway, my Facebook friend said :
"You have the female version going on . I would buy any book that was narrated by you.  You have that voice like the ones that I grew up hearing all my life... The voices of intelligent southern women. It's the sort of voice that will cause you to stop what you are doing and listen"

That has got to be among the best compliments I have EVER received ... comparing (in ANY way ) my reading to Morgan Freeman !!!! WOW!
The only thing that could even come close is the couple of times that people have said that my poems and reading reminded them of Maya Angelou. I ,also, will always remember one elderly gentleman coming up to me after one of my library readings and saying that he could listen to me read my poems all day long.
I have been truly blessed through the sharing of my life in poems!
I only hope that others are being blessed even half as much by what I do !
Always, Always Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi.
NOTE TO SELF: I must get on the ball with those books on tape !