Monday, September 10, 2012

ABOUT MY POETRY- My Purpose - Patricia Neely-Dorsey

I have always considered myself a "Goodwill Ambassador" for Mississippi and the south. While attending Boston University, my nicknames were Tupelo and Mississippi.  Whenever my friends saw me coming, they knew that there would be some type of discourse about Mississippi and the south soon to follow...hoping to clear up their many misconceptions and preconceived notions. ...Yes, we DO have shoes in Mississippi.  We might not wear them all of the time...but we do have them!(LOL)
There are so many negative connotations associated with Mississippi and the south in general. I want to show a flip side of the coin. There is much to love about this much maligned and misunderstood part of our country.  I would really love for you to get to KNOW Mississippi (and the south) in a different light and I want to introduce you.   

I invite you to Meet Mississippi  through poetry, prose and the written word.

I believe that we can bridge many gaps of misunderstanding across regional, racial, cultural, generational and economic lines by simply telling/sharing our stories.

Miguel Algarin said, "When I see what you see, the distance between us disappears."

I travel all around my state speaking at schools, churches, libraries and various civic organizations, delivering the message of a positive Mississippi and a positive southern experience....According to me, one of the best places to live in ALL of the world is POSITIVELY MISSISSIPPI !!!