Sunday, March 31, 2013

EASTER TIME AT GRANNY'S- Easter Memories in Mississippi

Growing up, Easter time for my family was almost like Christmas .
I think that the family celebration was just as big.
We would always gather at my grandparent's house in West, Point. (MS).
It was both of my grandparent's house...but we would always say Granny's house.

Now that I am older, it seems almost like an inside joke.
Our family is KNOWN for having some VERY strong-minded, strong-willed, domineering, out-spoken women...  So, naturally it would be her house ! (Laugh)
Now, that I think of it, whenever we went to my aunt's houses. We would say their names.

Anyway, our family always made a very big deal about Easter.
We knew that we would be going to Granny's house and we knew that we would be seeing all of our cousins.  We knew that we would have lots to eat ...which always included chicken and potato salad...and of course, sweet tea.

After lunch, there would be the BIG Easter egg hunt all around my Granny's house.  There were SO many places to hide those eggs!

Many times, we would spend the whole weekend at at Granny's house.
So, the Easter bunny got to visit us there. We would be so excited about going to bed just like at Christmas, because in the morning we would have lots of goodies laid out all over the floor in the living room.
We always got huge baskets stuffed with all kinds of things. We of course got candy, but there were toys and, of course, the customary book. Our family believed in giving books on every special occasion'

Attending church at "Granny's church" was a MUST, which meant getting dressed in our Easter finery.  There was much activity in the house on Sunday morning getting ourselves all together with ribbons and bows, hats and bonnets.

Our Easter celebration was an all day affair with LOTS of eating , joking laughing, and storytelling At the end of the day we were all tuckered out , STUFFED and headed back to Tupelo.

In Loving Memory of my Granny,

 ~*~ Martha Ann Missouri Neely ~*~