Monday, September 2, 2013


TODAY is Labor Day !

Traditionally, Labor Day has always been a sort of marker for the change of the seasons.

Summer is fast coming to an end and the fall months will soon make their arrival.

In times past, for Southerners, Labor Day signaled a definitive change in wardrobe.

Though staunch rules of etiquette and stiff dress codes have all but vanished in today's society, most older generation southerners remember when there was a very strict and strongly enforced rule involving Labor Day.

Everyone knew : NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY (Or Before Easter)

This meant no white dresses (except of course, white wedding dresses which were /are always in season) no white belts, shoes (especially shoes !!!) , purses ect.

No self respecting southerner would ever even think of breaking the rule or be caught dead wearing some white shoes after this appointed date !

It just wasn't done!

If someone did happen to break the rule, everyone, no doubt thought in their 

heads:  "Bless Their Hearts. They didn't have proper raisin' ! : )

Southerners are known for hospitality, sweet tea ...and a zillion rules !!!

We strongly believe in things being "decent and in order "

No one ever really notices those types of things much anymore , but this is one southerner who remembers ...and still abides by "The Labor Day Rule" .