Monday, November 5, 2012

Yard Sales : The Art Of The Deal

On my last Diva post, I gave a general introduction and invitation to the joys of yard sale shopping. Now that you're thinking about getting into the game, it would be good to know one of the major rules of engagement.
In the yard sale game, everyone is looking for a BETTER deal.

Even if an item already seems to you to be an absolute steal, it NEVER hurts to try to negotiate for a lower price. Sometimes, you will find sellers who are very firm and stubborn about their prices and say "No" to your efforts. But, more times than not, sellers, will say "Yes" to reductions. So, it never hurts to ask.
Always keep in mind: Sellers want to SELL!

Slight flaws or defects in any item that you are thinking of buying can give you leverage in negotiating for lower prices. If you point out a tear or clip in an item, to the seller, he or she is often more willing to discount that item. Of course, you don't want something that it irreparable and you definitely never want to buy junk. But, an item with some small imperfections can turn out be a tremendous bargain!

In any transaction be sure to ask the seller if they will take any less for an item , Sellers are very accustomed to hearing : " Will you take any less for this?" or "What is the lowest you are willing to go on this ?" So, don't be shy! You can even offer your own lower price suggestion and the seller will usually meet you somewhere in between.
Also, the more items that you buy, the more the seller is likely to go down on individual prices or give you a fantastic deal on the total purchase. If you are thinking about buying three dresses and the price is $5 on each dress. Ask if they will take $2 per dress. You will more than likely get the $2 a dress price that you offered or a slightly higher $3 counter price by the seller. Either way, you have come out ahead.

Furthermore, you can often get unbelievable deals near the end of the yardsaling day. Yard sales usually start winding down after the noon hour, with sellers eager to get rid of their wares and end the day without having to drag items back inside. If a seller was stubborn about the price of an item earlier in the day, and you were not willing to pay that price, it might be very beneficial to stop back by that sale later in the day. The seller will probably be more than happy to give you that lower price that you wanted. I have been to sales later in the day where the sellers were practically giving things away.
So, make your rounds ...and then, maybe backtrack a bit. You might hit the jackpot !
Now, you have a few cards in your hand to play in winning at the yardsale game.
I will definitely be back with more tips that might just be that ace up your sleeve in making that "big score".

Until then...Go Forth and Be Fabulous !
Be You ! Do You ! Shine !