Tuesday, August 6, 2013


It's official ! I can now add the title of songwriter to my resume !

I am very excited ! Several months ago I was contacted by a musician /songwriter about using some of my words in a song...to be developed my him and his partner ! Well, now I can officially put SONGWRITER on my resume ! The song is done...well at least the words ! I am sure you will recognize some of the words from my "Southern Life '' poem. I can hardly wait to hear the finished version. with music. Here is the e-mail I received this week. Hi Patricia, I hope this email finds you doing well. It's been a hectic few months for us. We haven't forgotten about you and our Mississippi Magic song. We've come up with a contemporary, pretty melody and it sings pretty well. Cant wait to share the final product with you. Hope we make you proud! 

Here are the lyrics below:

by Patricia Neely-Dorsey, Don Quinn, & Ron Ryan


I've got river black mud coursing through my veins

Straight from the Mississippi

A soul stitched in Rock and Roll

and a heart full of Dixie

It's the laid back country soul in me

I take it day by day

I'm built for Southern hospitality

I wouldn't have it any other way

I need some..


Mississippi Magic

in the sweet molasses breeze

God, My Country and Family

that's what it means to me

Mockingbirds and bumblebees, Magnolia blossoms and dogwood trees

it's ice cold tea that tastes so sweet

and cool green grass beneath your feet

It's what I love, and the only way I'll have it

I want that Mississippi Magic


It's rockin' chairs and front porch swings

hot cornbread, and turnip greens

Coleslaw and barbecue

Watermelons on the vine for me and you

It's fallin in love at the County Fair

It's inside me, it's in the air

It's who I am, through and through

It won't take long til gets to you, it's everywhere..


It's the laid back country soul in me

I take it day by day



I love it !

I surely hope that a lot of other people do to !

Let the good times...and royalties roll !!! LOL!!!

I am so grateful that the songwriting duo of Quinn Ryan decided to include me in this project.

Their website is :



Check them out !

Info from the website :


Don Quinn, a Mississippi songwriter, and Ron Ryan, a south Florida writer, have joined forces - Two dreams, one vision with a razor sharp focus.

The songwriting duo is hard at work building the QRM catalog with several completed songs and many more currently in the studio.

Their impressive catalog of mostly country music has now grown to over 30 songs. Their music has captured the attention of Nashville A-List music insiders.

They've teamed up and created Quinn Ryan Music to showcase their songwriting talents as they relentlessly pursue their dream - to one day hear their songs being played on the radio by a major artist.

Here's my original poem :

The poem " Southern Life" can be found in both of my books of poems :


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 August 27, 2013

To hear the song go
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