Monday, July 1, 2013


These days, it seems as though people try to make almost everything in life a black or white issue.
It simply is not the case. 

Recently, I received a message in my Facebook message box which said :
Ms Dorsey you post many folk life photos but I have yet to see you post any of Black Folk Life in Mississippi?????

One of my first thoughts was: "You must have missed a whole lot of my posts/pictures."
I posted a response on my page which included some of the following statements:
EVERY single thing that I post has something to do with some some aspect of MY own life experiences. Many of my posts are pictures to go along with poems from my books, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia : A Life In Poems (MY Life..the life I know about ! ) and My Magnolia Memories and Musings- In Poems (emphasis on MY)

If I am not mistaken,.,and I don't think that I am..I do qualify as :Black Folk" LOL!!!
If I don't qualify, my parents will be VERY disappointed !!! Please don't tell them !!!LOL!

Most of the pictures that I post are of southern scenes and scenery ...fields, landscapes, old buildings, barns, farm life, farm animals , front porches, ect.
Those type of pictures are certainly not a black or white thing "
They are a "southern thing".
Southern is NOT a color.

When I am posting, I am never thinking of reflecting or appealing to black or white..
It never entered my mind to categorize the type of things that I post in terms of color.
I don't know if the roosters or the cows or pigs are supposed to be black or white folk life pictures but they are what I know about my country life upbringing.
From all of the feedback that I receive, it seems, that a lot of people, both black and white had the very same upbringing .

I post a goo gob of down-home , country style food pictures !!!
I really didn't know how obsessed I was/am with food until I started reading my own poems! Almost every other one of them has something to do with food!! LOL!!!
I don't think of the food items that I post in terms of a black or white thing.
Anyone should be able to see that it's a very Southern thing!

And, I must repeat, Southern is NOT a color !

Judging from all of the requests that I get to repost so many of the food recipes and pictures, it seems that a whole lot of people, both black an white love the same kinds of food that I love to eat and grew up on.

In general, I post a whole, whole lot about loving and the South.

Is that a white folk thing or a black folk thing ???
No , it's a Southern thing !
We LOVE our South.   We love our "southern" !
Southern is NOT a color !

I received so many positive responses from Facebook friends on that initial post saying that one of the reasons that they love my posts is because I don't make them into a black or white thing.
Of course, I will continue doing just what I do ...
Always, Always....Celebrating the South and things Southern
Until Next Time..  Love, Peace...and Chicken Grease ! 

Join in on the celebration !
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