Thursday, August 30, 2012



Some of the things that my mother has taught me growing up,
and continues to teach me day after day have lately come front and center in my mind.

They are things that so many could learn from and benefit from.

When  I  think  that , maybe , their own mothers might not have taught them...

I feel , somehow that it is my duty to share ...just in case for, the lessons are invaluable.

It is that old message that when you learn..teach.
I have learned SO much in my lifetime!
I don't really even know where to start, because all of the lessons and
words of wisdom have begun to come rushing forth like a flood.
I will just start ..somewhere and share over time .

Things my mama taught me....

#1 Everybody in your corner... ain't on your side.
(She didn't break verbs or use improper English...that's all ME )

The lesson is this : Just because people smile in your face, pat you on the back, tell you how wonderful you are and give you all kind of accolades, doesn't mean that they are on your side. It doesn't mean that they are really FOR you. It doesn't mean that they love you , or that they even LIKE you .
My mother emphasized the fact that a person will have few REAL friends in a lifetime. There will be very few people who will really be there for you when you are down and out or really in need. .It's seems a little sad...
but the beautiful thing about it is..It ONLY TAKES A FEW.

When I went to see Dr. Maya Angelou in Memphis. She talked about these people who helped her along the way.
  These people who pulled her up, or pushed her forward....the ones who could not have had a clue who she would become..when she was .. a little girl who had been raped by her mother's boyfriend. ...the little girl who would not speak for many years ..and later in life the 16 year old ...6 feet tall ....unmarried AND pregnant teenager . They didn't know that she would become THE Dr. Maya of the greatest cultural icons, speakers, teachers of our times .
She called these people rainbows.

From her talk , I became determined that I would be a rainbow. I will do that .
From my mother's talks and lessons , I learned very early , all who could be counted, (around you ) can't be counted on.
Which means when you are determined to do something, you do it REGARDLESS of the naysayers, the haters, the stumbling blocks . ..the ones who are smiling in your face and back stabbing .
My mother taught me how to Be Me , Do Me,and to SHINE...Regardless !!! Mama I Thank you SO MUCH for that !

MY message to most folks is .........
When all else fails..Remember what your Mama taught you !