Monday, May 6, 2013


Here's a perfect post for the Monday after the incredible
 "Hat Parade" of the Kentucky Derby this past weekend.

About two months ago, dear friend Jo McDivitt gifted me this ULTRA FAB hat. 
It's identical to one of her own! She is a real hat lady! She had TWO...because it's so fabulous !
I had planned to reveal it on the first day of Spring ..but the time and weather just weren't quite right !  But, recently on a glorious day in the Sip, I showcased my Diva Hat in the yard !! I absolutely still don't feel "Big Girl" enough to wear big hats like this one, in public ......although I can wear a cap like nobodies business!!
It takes a special something and someone to be a real "Hat Lady".  It's an art !
I know it's in me ! I LOVE, love, love hats !

I have been collecting them for years.  Every time I see a super fab hat ..I feel like I just have to have it ! On a trip to Atlanta when I was in high school, I bought a smoklin', very feminine, gray wool fedora style hat.  I think it was about $60 or $70 dollars . I tried and tried to get into wearing it without feeling like I was playing dress-up.
I finally passed it on to a real Hat Lady and she wore it like a Pro !
For YEARS, I have been telling friends that I am going to be a full-fledged Hat Lady when I turn 50 ! I feel that I will FINALLY be ready !!!
Until then, I'm steadily building my hat collection.

With every new hat purchase, Hubby is always asking me ..."Why are you buying
that..You're not gonna wear it??!!"
He just doesn't understand...Yet !
He will see !
February 2014 ...It's On !!!!!

Jo McDivitt (Hattiesburg, MS) in her MATCHING hat