Thursday, April 17, 2014


I recently RECEIVED THE MOST DELIGHTFUL, HEARTWARMING E-MAIL from two Mississippi 4th graders. I always say that my poems are great reading for all ages...from 8-80 and beyond ! It's so true ! Their English teacher showed the class some of my poems on the computer and she let these two students send an e-mail. 

Here's the e-mail : ( I took out their names for privacy ) 

Dear Mrs. Dorsey,
Our names are............and ................. We are reading your lovely poems. 
The ones we read are "Mississippi" and "Meet My Mississippi." You put so much personification that we can imagine what you are saying. We loved how you explained things in "Meet My Mississippi." You have given us so much inspiration that we would like to continue reading all of your poems. You do a magnificent job on hooking us to read the poems. You might think it is weird that children are writing to you off our teachers page but we would be honored if you would write to us. How did you get the inspiration to write all of these poems? Why did you become an author instead of something else? Why did you write about Mississippi and not other things? Have you ever wondered who reads your poems? 
Thank you for reading this email. WE LOVE YOUR POEMS!!!! 

MY REPLY: I am so thrilled that you are reading and enjoying my poems! The poems are definitely made for all ages... ages 8-80 and beyond ! My father introduced me to poetry when I was very young . He recited poetry to me often and I fell in love with it ! I have loved reading and hearing poetry since I was probably five years old . I didn't start writing poetry until I was much , much older. I wrote my very first poem after I was 40 years old on February 14, 2007. Most people who write poetry usually start when they are much younger. I was a very late bloomer. I worked in the mental health field for almost 20 years before I began to write poetry. I really didn't decide to write poetry..It kind of decided on me. I wrote my first poem on that February morning ( Valentine's Day) when I woke up out of my sleep with a poem swirling around in my head. I got up and quickly scribbled it down . After that the poems just started to flow and flow. In a few months I had written over 200 poems! I write about Mississippi because I love it/her so much ! I love living in Mississippi and I loved growing up in Mississippi. That is what most of my poems are about ! I want to help people to KNOW more about Mississippi, LEARN more about Mississippi and LOVE more about Mississippi. I hope that your class will read more poems from my books Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia and My Magnolia Memories and Musings -In Poems ! Thanks you SO much for contacting me ! We will definitely keep in touch ! Ask me any questions that you would like. I would love to speak to you and your class one day ! Have a great day !  

Did You Know ..APRIL is National Poetry Month ! 
Read , Write , Share and Celebrate Poetry !

 Here are the poems that the students mentioned in the e-mail :

                                  ~*~ Mississippi ~*~

                     ~*~ Meet My Mississippi ~*~

 What other readers have said about the books/poems : 

"Patricia has a great eye and an ear for the south and the images that make it unique. I plan to use some of her quick rhymes when working with children in Mississippi schools." 
 Heather Truett - Tupelo,MS

Southern Poetry that is really poetry! Your books would go well (in schools) with English, nature studies, history, art,etc." Margaret Ann Tull - Tupelo, MS

                    ~*~ Mississippi Teachers ~*~

             ~*~  Experienced Beauty  ~*~

              ~*~ Know Learn Love  ~*~