Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Me and My "Book Babies" Supporting the Troops

I AM SO TOUCHED !!!! MY HEART IS FULL!! I received a Heartwarming message from a NEW Facebook friend :

" I heard a lot of good things from a teacher about your work. I was hoping to ask 
for a copy if you could. I was trying to find where I could get one at but its kinda hard where I am. I am in  Afghanistan. I am from Mooreville, MS born and raised. I would love to read your work some time. I miss my home back in Mississippi, but know I have a duty to the country I love as well. Thank you very much.

I returned his message and told him that I would be HONORED to send him the books ! He KEPT asking about the price and wanting to pay me . I KEPT telling him that he is paying and has paid enough, already !!! All throughout the message, he KEPT calling me ma'am ! 
WHO DOES THIS ... in a Facebook message??!!! 

A young man properly raised in MISSISSIPPI...  THAT'S WHO!!! 

I am SO proud of him...even though he is just a Facebook friend (for now) With tears of pride in my eyes ...I am thinking about this young man faithfully/courageously 
serving our country and my "book babies",  are on their way for the 
6000 plus mile trip to  Afghanistan . 

Thinking of the message that I heard from Maya Angelou on Saturday, I deeply 
hope that through them (my books/poems) , I can be a rainbow in the midst of this 
young man's clouds in a hostile war zone. 

 If you would like to show your support for our US troops,
check out these following web sites: