Monday, October 7, 2013

OCTOBER is National Book Month...Try Some Southern Poems

  OCTOBER is National Book Month! 

Started by the National Book Foundation as a way to get Americans reading, National Book Month is a great reason to explore new books. Libraries, newspapers, and other organizations gear up to promote reading during October. 

Why read? 

Books can transport the reader to different places and times, introduce one to new people, and teach while entertaining.
During National Book Month, there are countless ways for schools and families across the country to use the month-long celebration to nurture reading through projects, challenges and promotions all centered on books. Some suggested activities for families or schools might include a book swap – a social time for students and their families to bring in books to exchange with other families. 

Teachers can also have students vote on a class favorite book, and then decorate the classroom door to represent the winning book. Another way to inspire reading and writing might be to invite a local author to speak to the class. In addition, students could send letters or emails to their favorite author, asking questions about their books. Also, another great idea might be for teachers to assign family reading as a homework assignment. Students could write reports on how a book affected each member of his or her family. 

   Other ideas for students: 

Put together a newsletter as an English class project to circulate through the school school.  Articles can discuss students' favorite books and authors, information on the local library, or how to celebrate National Book Month. 
Art projects:  Each classroom can decorate a door based on a book, which every student has read. Classroom with the best decorations wins a pizza party. 
Book Trivia:   Instead of a spelling bee, students answer questions about books and authors previously assigned as homework.

National Reading Group Month is also celebrated in October. 

The celebration salutes reading groups and seeks to foster their growth along with, promoting the love of literature.  National Reading Group Month is an initiative of the Women's National Book Association.   Founded in 1917, WNBA promotes literacy, a love of reading, and women's roles in the community of the book.   National Reading Group Month augments the WNBA’s mission to promote the value of books and reading. 
Through this initiative the organization aims to foster the values reading groups encourage: camaraderie, enjoyment of shared reading, and appreciation of literature and reading as conduits for transmitting culture and advancing civic engagement.