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Today is National Book Lovers Day !

National Book Lovers Day is celebrated each year on August 9 (and sometimes on the first Saturday in November) . It is a day for all those who love to read . National Book Lovers Day encourages you to find your favorite reading place, a good book, rather it be fiction or non-fiction, and read the day away. 

Some ways to celebrate National Book Lover's Day include: 

1) Visiting your local library 
2) Rereading an old favorite 
3) Hosting a Book Lovers' party 
4) Contacting your favorite living author 
5) Giving the gift of books 

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today in 1965 LBJ signed the Voting Rights Act into 
law enforcing the 15th Amendment, prohibiting the 
use of tactics denying access to vote & targeting 
states with greatest discrimination.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Congratulations to our new 
Miss Mississippi, Jasmine Murray !!! 
She was crowned Saturday night in Vicksburg!

I called Miss Riverland (Jasmine) and Miss Mississippi State, Laura Lee Lewis as the top two finalists before the pageant started on Saturday night.  I had pretty much concluded that by Saturday morning after seeing all of the preliminary updates.  
The pageant started at 8pm Saturday.  
Just after the program began, I posted my prediction on my Facebook page.  Then, a little while later I typed my same prediction in a private message to my friend : 8:15pm I wrote: " I'm thinking it's going to be between Miss Riverland - Jasmine Murray and Miss Mississippi State Laura Lee Lewis" I was having an ongoing pageant commentary throughout the pageant in private messages with this friend, who was not able to see the pageant from the beginning but was only able to see the last parts of it on the computer live feed. 

I was giving her frequent updates and my thoughts, as the pageant was going on ...and rehashing each segment with my mother during the commercials.

When I saw my top two selections in their evening wear that even made me MORE certain of my decision about what the outcome of the pageant would be. 
Jasmine's dress was banging !!! 
It was perfect for her...elegant and regal.  Miss Mississippi States's dress was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!! I posted on my Facebook page..."That dress is THE BOMB!!!!!! " I wonder how much THAT dress cost"!!!! 

8:34pm I messaged my friend : Miss Mississippi State had on a dress was every bit of $10,000...Had to be !!!! Of course, I had no idea how much the dress actually cost or what she might have paid for it .. But, if it didn't cost $10,000, it should have !!!! 
It looked like a million bucks and she looked like a million bucks in it !!!!!

Both girls, my Top 2 Picks,  are very talented and have lovely singing voices. Jasmine tied for first place with Laura Lee in talent in the preliminaries on Wednesday. 

Ultimately, though, it was the swimsuit competition that TOTALLY sealed it for me !!!!! There were some other girls that had some great bodies and looked amazing 
in those suits ...with FLAWLESS tans.  
 I commented on several of them on my Facebook page ... 

But ...when Miss Jasmine stepped on that stage THAT yellow bathing suit ..
It was ALL OVER!!! Check mate !!!! 
I think I actually said out loud "What the What??!!!!" 
She was stunning !!!!  I mean S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!!! She had been the Swimwear Preliminary Winner on Friday night. I sent a message to my friend about Jasmine : 9:17pm She just killed in a yellow bathing suit!!!

~ S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! ~


TOP 5 for 2014 Miss Mississippi Pageant.
l to r: Caroline Conerly- Miss Deep South; Laura Lee Lewis-Miss Mississippi State University; Jasmine Murray-Miss Mississippi 2014 (formerly Miss Riverland);
Randi-Kathryn Harmon-Miss Historic South; and Jessica Terrill-Miss North Central Mississippi.

 I am so proud of Miss Jasmine and even more thrilled about it since I found out from my mother that Jasmine's grandparents and my parents were very close friends from WAY back. She said that Jasmine's grandfather would attend all of the many Alpha (Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity) meetings and parties that we frequently had at our house (in the 60's and 70's )...You can read about those parties in my poem "Alpha Parties" in my book Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life In Poems (page 38) I had not even known that little tidbit of info until Friday morning when I was taking my mother to her regular beauty shop appointment (same beautician for over 40 years) Whatever the cause may be, family friend or not, I am super proud to have Miss Jasmine Murray from Columbus, MS, as our Miss Mississippi ! Go Miss Mississippi ....Keep Rolling Along...all the way to that Miss America crown !!!

Sunday, Sept. 14 2014, is the date of the Miss America Pageant, which will be broadcast live from Atlantic City NJ.  It's on ABC-TV at 9pm (eastern time). 


Friday, June 13, 2014

Take a Bite Out of Summer (Southern Style)

With summer comes some of the best things to eat!  Fresh vegetables and fruit from gardens or the market, watermelons, strawberries. Of course, there are the sweet treats that are so yummy in the summer heat: ice cream, frozen yogurt, or snow cones.
Maybe there is a special treat you like to have each summer. That's what this hop is all about! And don't forget to stop by each blog below and see what little treats we're giving away! 
I'm sure summer will be even sweeter with these hot prizes!
Have fun hopping!

Summer is my favorite time of year! 
 I love everything about it...including the heat ! 
Some of my most cherished childhood memories are those from the summertime activities, growing up in the south. And, for me, as for most southerners, those memories usually involve food. 






DID YOU KNOW... June is National Iced Tea Month ! June 10th is designated as National Iced Tea Day!   Legend has it that a tea vendor at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis popularized the drink.  When visitors to the sweltering event turned down free hot tea, he ran it through iced pipes to chill the beverage. Southerners know a lot about iced tea ...and drink a whole lot of it, all year around, especially our beloved Sweet Tea!  It is usually served on any and every occasion that we can find an excuse for !  It is truly a southern staple ! 








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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Anthony Bourdain Discovers The "MUCH MORE TO MISSISSIPPI" In Parts Unknown Documentary

Recently, Mississippi was the point of interest for a CNN documentary in Anthony' Bourdain's Parts Unknown series.  I was thrilled !.  I was thinking, "Good!!! Maybe someone ELSE will shed some positive light into the darkness in the minds of most people, regarding my beloved Mississippi...and MAYBE they will listen !
"Of course, I had no idea if it would turn out to be more positive than negative...

But, I was hopeful."

Anthony Bourdain is an American chef, author, and television personality.  He is known for his 2000 book Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, and in 2005 he began hosting the Travel Channel's culinary and cultural adventure programs Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and The Layover. 
In 2013, he joined CNN to host Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

One of the preview ads reads: 
What does a world traveler like Anthony Bourdain think of Mississippi? Besides the fact he never did consider stepping foot in the state, but then discovered some of the last truly great American institutions. WATCH Bourdain's show "Parts Unknown" TONIGHT on CNN at 8pm (CST)

Anthony is from New York City and in a blog post he acknowledged the fact that most of what he thought, had heard or knew about Mississippi was negative. 
He wrote: "Let me be honest about this right up front: before I started traveling the world extensively, seeing many foreign countries and cultures very different than my own, I would never even have considered visiting Mississippi. As a New Yorker, with the drearily predictable worldview of my tribe, I took a dim view of Mississippi. Mississippi was the deep South. It was where they shot Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in “Easy Rider”, wasn' t it? The history was not pretty—a fact reinforced by just about every film ever set in the state. It’s near the poorest performer on every metric of a state’s health: income, education, healthcare. " 

Mr. Bourdain was SO correct in stating that the negative, ugly images are the ones that are reinforced by just about every film ever set in the state. Actually, almost everything that anyone hears in the media is overwhelmingly negative, negative and more negative. 

At the beginning of the documentary, many disturbing images of Mississippi's past were flashed on the screen.  Sadly, these images are burned into the collective psyche of the world and are all that most Americans and outsiders hold on to about Mississippi. 
It almost seems that there is a belief that there is no room left for discussion or consideration of anything else on the subject. 

About the negatives, he states: "That's all I knew about Mississippi...and it never occurred to me to look further"  Anthony wrote in a promotional entry: I have long since learned to find myself comfortable in as “foreign” an environment as Saudi Arabia, Liberia, or Cambodia. Why can’t I get to know and love this part of my own country?  Particularly when what we love about our country—what is undeniably great about America, its most powerful and persuasive export and gift to the world—comes from the state of Mississippi. It changed the world like nothing else American. ( the music: blues and rock and roll ) As the journey begins, he asks, "Why can't I love this place" ?

I understand the question. It is generally, SUCH an unpopular stance to show love for Mississippi.

He begins in Jackson, the capitol of Mississippi,  with a walk down Farish Street. 
He spent much of the time in various parts of the Delta and in Oxford.  Some of the topics that he explores throughout the documentary were: Soul Food ...Southern Food....Country Cooking, Juke Joints, Blues, The Delta Sense of Community The strong literary legacy Oxford..Faulkner..Writers..The Square .

All throughout , there was a strong emphasis on our music and our food.  Being a chef and a food, connoisseur he was definitely in the right place. Traveling in Mississippi, you KNOW he did a lot of eating ! He loved the hot tamales and even ventures to eat a pig ear sandwich ! and said: It’s everything...we love about bacon, the texture...mix of fatty, lean...Oh that’s good!"- 

Of course, he only scratched the surface of all that Mississippi has to offer Overall, I enjoyed the show and said so. I definitely thought that it was more positive than negative. One of my Facebook friends commented on one of my posts: I personally was a little offended by the "negativism". He could have done a better show being more positive about MISSISSIPPI! It's no wonder we can't get out of the past, no one lets us! 
My reply:| I know what you mean . Overall, I was pretty pleased. It could have been MUCH MUCH worse it usually is!!! I guess we can be thankful for small favors because he did highlight some good things!  Few do ! So you see EXACTLY why I do what I do ..and am SO passionate about it.

As soon as it ended my husband said, "How can you cover Mississippi without covering Tupelo...Elvis" ? (Proud wife moment ) I smiled and thought to myself: "He has been taught so well..and knows just what to say !"  

PND: You know the story of how we had a heart to heart talk a few weeks into our marriage where I told him ..if our relationship was going to stay on track there were two things he had to KNOW/REMEMBER... 
#1 I'm a STAR (Yes, Me...PND) 
#2 Elvis is still the King Of course, Elvis was not left out when they were discussing the music. And, near the end of the documentary when he was in Oxford talking to a group of writers,  he asked..If there were a statue or monument erected to represent and symbolize Mississippi...who or what would it be . They all said in unison: Elvis ! 

Following the show, in a post on his blog Anthony wrote: We sure as Hell didn’t “explain” Mississippi in this episode. I doubt I left the state much smarter than I entered it. It’s not a representative overview of “what you should know or see while in Mississippi”. But I hope that viewers will get a taste of a uniquely beautiful place –where some of the last of some truly great American institutions are still alive. Where you can hear the blues performed where it was born—in exactly the same surroundings, the same kind of bar, as when it all began. Where you can have an irony free pigs ear sandwich that will make you weep for joy.


Monday, May 12, 2014

There's MORE to the the "Mississippi Story"

People are always talking about how 'ignorant', 'uneducated', 'depressed' and 'deprived'
people (especially black people) in Mississippi are/were.

But there is MORE to the "Mississippi Story" than people know or want to hear.

My grandfather (my mother's father ) from little Mantee , Mississippi attended and graduated from a private high school in Arkansas . He went on to attend and graduate from prestigious Tuskegee Institute (May 1930).   He came back to Mississippi where he taught and was the principal of a school.  His mother, my great grandmother, was a teacher.   She and her husband owned 100 acres of land ( which is still in the family -heir property of my Mom and her siblings)  His aunt owned a store in Mantee.  My father (from West Point,MS ) graduated from Kentucky State with a dual major of Chemistry and French then graduated from Meharry Medical School in Nashville , TN . He was a captain in the Air Force and Air Force surgeon. He returned to Mississippi and practiced medicine for 35 years in Tupelo.

My aunt (my father's sister) says that at one time there were 4 (black) doctors who lived on their street when they were growing up.   My mother graduated from Tennessee State University and was a teacher ...her mother was a teacher ...and her mother's mother was a teacher.

I repeat: 'There is MUCH MORE to the 
"Mississippi Story" than people 
know or want to hear.'

Guess what???!! I tell those stories...
through my poems ! 

NOTE: I was recently thrilled to find my grandfather's college diploma. May 29, 1930 Tuskegee Institute.   It is VERY tattered and torn...but still a GEM

Monday, May 5, 2014

THANKS, MATT LAUHBAN!!!! Tupelo, Mississippi Appreciates You !

There is a story in the Clarion Ledger about how our weatherman Matt Lauhban helped to save so many lives in the Tupelo tornado ! 

Let me tell you, this is absolutely true. It is coming from one..namely me...who ignores the HECK out of storm warnings ! 

Schools let out early, I am sure mainly due to his warnings.  Even then, as the time got closer to when he said the storm would strike, I was still on the computer (as usual)..
Very casually listening to warnings (as usual)..passing them on to my Facebook friends 
(as usual ) I turned away from the station looking at some stupid reality show. 
My son Henry was playing games on the computer ( as usual) 
Then...I saw a Facebook post about a how a tornado had been spotted about 8 miles from the Barnes Crossing Mall (which is a couple of miles from me) So, I switched back to watching Matt. OMG! He was talking updates at a feverish pace..
He was spouting out directions for us..and the staff at WTVA. 
Then, he started telling them that he was going to be telling them very soon to go to the basement. Then he told all of the non-essential staff to go to the basement. 
He has gotten my attention...I was up telling my son we might need to go to the basement be ready. I was getting the candles and flashlight all rounded up that I had readily available ..because of Matt. 
Our power went I didn't get to see Matt tell them on the air to hit the basement...or didn't see when he ran off himself...but he had done his job. Later, after the storm was over and our internet finally came back up, I overheard my son telling one of his friends on Skype about the storm...about how his Mom was going crazy! He called me just telling him several times that this might get bad..I didn't raise my voice..or yell ...or anything like that ...but he is SOO ....unused to me saying ANYTHING AT ALL during a storm.. I barely raise an eyebrow...even during the two bad windstorms that we had several months before which damaged the roof, uprooted huge pine trees in our yard and knocked over a neighbors wood fence!!! One very good friend told me that he is definitely alive because of Matt's warnings. He said that he was out in the streets on Gloster when he was receiving warnings. He sped up to get to his father's house right off of Gloster. He said that he grabbed his father (who is bed- ridden) dragged him in the hall and the storm hit all around them in less than a minute. We know that God is ultimately in control, but our weatherman went above and beyond the call of duty. He says that he was only doing his job, but he started Thursday really giving urgent warning about this storm. He was telling us how to prepare and kept saying not to ignore these warnings! My Facebook feed was filled with his updates! So many people did not hear any type of warning sirens ....and out of all of the destruction (THERE WAS A LOT) there was only one death! 
This man was on it...and he wouldn't let us ignore it !!!!! Thanks, Matt Laubhan WTVA


 To see the video of Matt Laubhan as the newsroom evacuates during tornado that hit Tupelo, Miss., on April 28, 2014.  GO TO THIS LINK ......

The Storm 

Keep Mississippi in your thoughts and prayers!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Monday, April 28, 2014

APRIL is National Poetry Month !

APRIL is National Poetry Month ! 

I hope that you have been reading, writing, buying and sharing some wonderful poetry ! 

I love introducing others to poets and poetry that they might not have known/heard about !
Today it is my honor and pleasure to introduce a dear friend, 
poet Kym Gordon Moore 

Enjoy ! 

Fish, Shrimp and Grits 

Not your typical breakfast entrĂ©e 
of scrambled eggs, sausage and toast 
my Lowcountry fare of fried fish or shrimp with creamy hominy grits 
is my energy food I love to start the day off with the most. 

Now mom would still cook the traditional 
you know, the kind you find in Shoney’s or IHOP 
but to savor the true flavors of this Charleston morning cuisine 
a local unobtrusive kitchen is where you must stop. 

Now many call me Geechee 
and believe me I really don’t mind 
there’s a fascinating history behind this great heritage 
about some of the most down to earth people you will ever find. 

For some fried fish or shrimp bouillabaisse served with grits 
may simply be a breakfast oddity 
but if you’re not a native, just try it and see 
you just might fall in love with our Lowcountry delicacy.

Balloons, Rainbows and Butterflies

Through the innocence and wonderment of a child’s eyes
we observe simple things that bring joy to our hearts
happiness to our spirit
a smile that spans from ear to ear
from a bouquet of multicolored balloons
to the graceful flutter of a butterfly’s wings

and the brilliant hues in a rainbow’s mist
where sunrays and raindrops waltz
uncomplicated pleasures that makes a lasting imprint
in our moments of excitement and memories
joy in balloons, rainbows and butterflies
from a time that will forever make us smile!  

Why do I Dance?

I dance because I’m happy
I dance because I’m free
I dance because I am loved
I dance because I am me.

I dance every morning I wake
I dance when I learn something new
I dance when I am blessed to work
I dance when there’s something productive to do.

I dance at the singing of the birds
I dance as I listen to the falling rain
I dance for the sake of giving
I dance because I know my living isn’t in vain.

I really don’t need a reason
To dance the way I do
I dance because I am me
You dance because you are you.

 Bio - Kym Gordon Moore, author of Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry and Diversities of Gifts: Same Spirit is an award-winning recipient in poetry contests such as the Edward Davin Vickers Memorial Award and Oneswan Productions Writing Competition. Her poems appeared in Writer’s Digest Magazine, Poets for Peace: A Collection, Reach of Song, Home for the Holidays and The Blind Man’s Rainbow anthologies. She was selected as one of the contributing authors for the series, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Mom. Visit Kym’s website and connect with the author through her blogs, articles and social media channels.

 Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry 
can be found on the following: 


 Description of my book: Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry contains 81 carefully chosen poems that are significant to the foundation of this collection and easy for readers to identify with. Besieged by segmented poetic elements of flight, your journey through the pages of this book will be entertaining, educational, emotional, nostalgic, stimulating and edifying. Kym Gordon Moore portrays versatility in rhymed and free verse poems that convey stories about people, places, nature, animals, inspiration, cuisine, music, celebrations, epiphanies and inanimate objects. Included in her compilation is a metrical sample of a Pantoum, Limerick, Elegy and Haiku. This eclectic full-length collection of poetry depicts experiences illustrated through diverse forms of self-expression. Poetry spans across diverse cultures, genders and dialects. Poetic thoughts via metaphors, imagination and creativity allow an individual to weave a storyline of lyrical attributes through personal interpretations. Many poems may not affect every poet or book lover in the same manner, but that is the beauty of it. We can connect to similar emotions, but interpret them uniquely.

From Behind the Pen... 
Kym Gordon Moore Author of "Wings of the Wind: A Cornucopia of Poetry" and "Diversities of Gifts: Same Spirit" 
Giving Back? Check out

~*~ "No one can see your visions and 
dreams as clearly as you can. 
Purpose is the key to creation 
manifested through vision." ~*~
-Kym Gordon Moore

Thursday, April 17, 2014


I recently RECEIVED THE MOST DELIGHTFUL, HEARTWARMING E-MAIL from two Mississippi 4th graders. I always say that my poems are great reading for all ages...from 8-80 and beyond ! It's so true ! Their English teacher showed the class some of my poems on the computer and she let these two students send an e-mail. 

Here's the e-mail : ( I took out their names for privacy ) 

Dear Mrs. Dorsey,
Our names are............and ................. We are reading your lovely poems. 
The ones we read are "Mississippi" and "Meet My Mississippi." You put so much personification that we can imagine what you are saying. We loved how you explained things in "Meet My Mississippi." You have given us so much inspiration that we would like to continue reading all of your poems. You do a magnificent job on hooking us to read the poems. You might think it is weird that children are writing to you off our teachers page but we would be honored if you would write to us. How did you get the inspiration to write all of these poems? Why did you become an author instead of something else? Why did you write about Mississippi and not other things? Have you ever wondered who reads your poems? 
Thank you for reading this email. WE LOVE YOUR POEMS!!!! 

MY REPLY: I am so thrilled that you are reading and enjoying my poems! The poems are definitely made for all ages... ages 8-80 and beyond ! My father introduced me to poetry when I was very young . He recited poetry to me often and I fell in love with it ! I have loved reading and hearing poetry since I was probably five years old . I didn't start writing poetry until I was much , much older. I wrote my very first poem after I was 40 years old on February 14, 2007. Most people who write poetry usually start when they are much younger. I was a very late bloomer. I worked in the mental health field for almost 20 years before I began to write poetry. I really didn't decide to write poetry..It kind of decided on me. I wrote my first poem on that February morning ( Valentine's Day) when I woke up out of my sleep with a poem swirling around in my head. I got up and quickly scribbled it down . After that the poems just started to flow and flow. In a few months I had written over 200 poems! I write about Mississippi because I love it/her so much ! I love living in Mississippi and I loved growing up in Mississippi. That is what most of my poems are about ! I want to help people to KNOW more about Mississippi, LEARN more about Mississippi and LOVE more about Mississippi. I hope that your class will read more poems from my books Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia and My Magnolia Memories and Musings -In Poems ! Thanks you SO much for contacting me ! We will definitely keep in touch ! Ask me any questions that you would like. I would love to speak to you and your class one day ! Have a great day !  

Did You Know ..APRIL is National Poetry Month ! 
Read , Write , Share and Celebrate Poetry !

 Here are the poems that the students mentioned in the e-mail :

                                  ~*~ Mississippi ~*~

                     ~*~ Meet My Mississippi ~*~

 What other readers have said about the books/poems : 

"Patricia has a great eye and an ear for the south and the images that make it unique. I plan to use some of her quick rhymes when working with children in Mississippi schools." 
 Heather Truett - Tupelo,MS

Southern Poetry that is really poetry! Your books would go well (in schools) with English, nature studies, history, art,etc." Margaret Ann Tull - Tupelo, MS

                    ~*~ Mississippi Teachers ~*~

             ~*~  Experienced Beauty  ~*~

              ~*~ Know Learn Love  ~*~