Saturday, May 4, 2013

Friends want to see Mississippi Poet Patricia Neely-Dorsey as an OFFICIAL Goodwill Ambassador for Mississippi !

A friend recently suggested a Write- In Petition/Request/Campaign for OFFICIAL Goodwill Ambassador for Mississippi.
Here is the beautiful letter he sent to Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant.

May 4, 2013

The Honorable Phil Bryant
Office of the Governor
330 High Street
Jackson, Mississippi

Dear Governor Bryant::

This letter is in reference to Patricia Neely-Dorsey, a resident of Tupelo, Mississippi.
I write to nominate Patricia for the position of “Good Will Ambassador” for
the State of Mississippi. This non-political and salary-free position will allow Patricia a platform so that she can continue to promote the rich and diverse culture of the State of Mississippi.

Patricia is the daughter of Dr. James H. Neely, MD, also a resident of Tupelo, Mississippi. She studied psychology at Boston University. Patricia has effectively projected positive inspiring images and original writings about the environment of Mississippi that allows for wholesome family living and continued economic development via the social networks (, including Facebook.

Her books of poetry display her affection for the people and the landscape of Mississippi. She relishes the role of interacting with people of different cultures and languages and can work within their cultural framework. Through her public speaking, Patricia has proved to be an effective and clear communicator, with a stand for the State of Mississippi.

In addition, she understands the environment she represents and is willing to take the time to learn what is necessary. Patricia knows the culture and how to
integrate into the social framework of those she represents and serves.

After meeting with Patricia, and her family, I believe, with enthusiasm, you will appoint Patricia to the position, “Good Will Ambassador” for the State of Mississippi. She will prove to be a dedicated and effective Ambassador.

Best wishes for our cooperation.

Jerry Boyd Jones

Consultant, International Education