Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Can you believe Elvis " THE KING " Presley was born in my hometown???!!!
Elvis Aaron Presly was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935, to 18-year-old Vernon Elvis and 22-year-old Gladys Love Presley in the East Tupelo two-room "shotgun" house built by his father , uncle and grandfather. Jesse Garon Presley, his identical twin brother, was delivered 35 minutes before him, stillborn. As an only child, Elvis was very close to both parents and formed an unusually tight bond with his mother.  In November 1948, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis graduated from Humes High School there in 1953.
In 1954, Elvis began his singing career with the legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. By 1956, he was an international sensation
Known all over the world by his first name, Elvis is regarded as one of the most important figures of twentieth century popular culture

 Elvis Aaron Presley
Born: January 8, 1935- Tupelo, MS
Died: August 16, 1977 - Memphis , TN

Thousands of tourists and fans from all over the world 
come to Tupelo, Mississippi every year to 
visit this two room "shotgun" house built by 
Elvis' father, uncle and grandfather

* Beautiful watercolor by friend Debra Estep-Ohio
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