Monday, July 15, 2013


I absolutely love magnolias. They are truly breathtakingly beautiful flowers.
The magnolia is the state flower of Mississippi and the magnolia tree is the state tree...thus the name "The Magnolia State".
When choosing a name for my books of poetry, all about my love for Mississippi and the south, I could not help but use magnolias in the titles and for the covers..
After all, I am a very proud Mississippi Magnolia Girl !

For months, I've been begging my son Henry to draw a magnolia flower for me to use for promotional cards and ads for my books!
He FINALLY did .... in his own sweet teenage time !!! LOL!!! (age 14)
Recently, I woke up with a beautiful magnolia picture on my computer.
I was taken aback and so thrilled !
I love /loved it !!!
Very soon, I plan to use it on some of my business cards and eventually print some note cards.
It is perfect for both!
Henry is a wonderful little budding artist !
Well I guess I shouldn't say little ,..because he's 6 feet tall .
And, I guess, I should say James .....because that is the name he calls himself, now.. LOL!!
Anyway...Here's to the new JHD Designs ...James Henry Dorsey Designs !
I am looking forward to great things from this young man ! 

James Henry Dorsey - Artist

There are many varieties of the magnolia throughout Asia and the Americas. Although it is one of the oldest plants in existence, it wasn't called the magnolia until the 18th century. Long used for medicinal as well as ornamental purposes, the magnolia is now one of the most popular plants in the world
The magnolia is one of the oldest plant species, with fossil remains dating back 36 to 58 million years ago. The magnolia developed long before bees did, so beetles pollinated the flowers. Therefore, the carpels of the magnolia flower are relatively sturdy, to protect against damage from crawling and eating beetles.
Magnolias have been cultivated in Asia since the 7th century and used for medicinal reasons since 1083. To the ancient Chinese, the flowers of the "Yu-lan" variety (Magnolia denudata), also called the Jade Orchid, were considered a symbol of purity, and they were grown in temple gardens since the 7th century (Wikepedia)



Mississippi's state flower, the magnolia, was chosen by school children of the state in November 1900.
It is recorded that 23,278 children voted and that the magnolia blossom
received over half of these votes.
The cotton blossom, promoted by the Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs,
placed second and the cape jasmine placed third.
Magnolia blossom - 12,745 votes. Cotton blossom - 4,171 votes.
Cape jasmine - 2,484 votes