Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today is National Parents' Day.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton signed into law the resolution unanimously adopted by the U. S. Congress establishing the fourth Sunday of every July as Parents' Day.

The bill was introduced by Mississippi Senator Trent Lott (Wikipedia)

Lott served as a senator for the State of Mississippi from January 3, 1989 – December 18, 2007.

According to the National Parents' Day Coalition., the establishment of Parents’ Day was the result of a bipartisan, multiracial and interfaith coalition of religious, civic and elected leaders who recognized the need to promote responsible parenting in our society and to uplift ideal parental role models, especially for our nation's children.

Since the creation of this annual day of commemoration, local faith communities, elected officials and activists throughout the nation have creatively launched many activities around the theme of Parents' Day designed to celebrate and strengthen the traditional, two-parent family.

I am so thankful for my two-parent home, growing up and so grateful that I still have both of my parents.

They are such a large part of who I am and who I have become.

I dedicated my first book, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life In Poems to my parents.

The dedication reads:

This book is dedicated to my parents Dr. James Henry Neely and Mrs. Elaine Kilgore Neely

Thank you for giving me the two most important things you can give a child- ROOTS and WINGS.

So many of the poems in Reflections are directly related to or about my parents and the many lessons learned from them.

I cannot imagine a more wonderful upbringing than the one I experienced.

You can find these poems and more in my two "little books of southern poems"