Monday, April 15, 2013

THIS MISSISSIPPI GIRL KNOWS...Northern weather is Too Cold For ( her ) Comfort

Spring is here ! I am loving the weather!
We are already having our t-shirt and bare-foot days.
It's not necessarily like that in other parts of the country.
It's still very, very cold in some areas!

Southerners are always making note of and commenting on how fast Northerners walk and talk. We think it’s rather humorous..and somewhat sad, because we love our slow, leisurely, “molasses” pace and believe that you should always take time to stop and smell the roses. We southerners are always commenting on the fast pace of Northerners…but never really think about the reason behind it.  We just kind of think that they are always in a hurry, don't like to socialize, don't really appreciate the world around them, and just totally caught up in a rush, rush dog -eat -dog kind of lifestyle.
Well, I found the REAL reason, first hand when I went off to school in Boston. (Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts)

My brother, Brian, was already at BU and I was preparing to go to BU.
I would always ask him questions about Boston or the school. Every conversation turned into a discussion about the weather. I thought that was very odd..because he would repeatedly tell me how cold it was. I would think “O.K. O.K already, I know what cold is… And, I was thinking... really how cold could it be?” Well, little did I know, I DIDN’T know what cold was and it could be a lot colder than I thought..MUCH MUCH COLDER!!
All of my trips up North (Chicago, New York,ect) had always been in the summertime 

(vacations, of course).

So I was referencing cold to Mississippi winters and basing all of my assumptions on that .
I WAS SO WRONG!!!   In the Mississippi, they say we have four seasons : almost summer, summer, still summer and Christmas. (LOL) It might sound funny .. but it is pretty much the truth . I remember one Fall in high school, the temperatures were still hitting 90 degrees well into November.  That has happened a few times in recent years, here in Mississippi,lately.

When I got to school in September 1982, there was already a little chill in the air. I thought that was odd, but totally shrugged it off.  In a few weeks, I was pulling out my heavy coat, Everyone kept telling me that I shouldn't do that, because I would freeze when it really got cold.  Ummm..IT WAS ALREADY REALLY COLD, to me !!! By winter, they were reporting temperatures of zero and below zero with a foot or so of snow (mind you, we let out schools in Mississippi with the mere FORECAST of snow! This was insane!  In all of this, they still expected you to function….I DIDN’T!! (LOL) I didn't freeze, because I stayed inside !!!

Now…. I know all about the Northerner’s pace..It is all for GOOD reason. When that wind is blowing , your nose is running like a faucet and your breath is practically freezing right in front of you…You ain’t got no time (excuse the French) (LOL) to stop and chat or do anything but nod and get where you’re going.  Folks, Northerners are always rushing here and there…”Cause the weather’s just ..TOO COLD!! ”
Northerners, God Bless you all ! You can have it!

OMG!!! I am so glad that somebody besides me talks about the difference in the way Southerners and Northerners perceive weather. Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa were recently talking on their show about how some people will break out in bikinis and lay out ...almost anywhere when the temperature in the Northeast hits above 59 degrees!!! !  

So True !!!
When I was in college at Boston University ...the spot was the football field ..we called it BU Beach ...,At 60 degrees on the dot ...folks would have their towels laid out ..bikinis on....and all of that...totally covering the field !
Of course...YOU KNOW ...Yours Truly was STILL wearing the winter coat...PROUDLY !!!!
In the south ...60 degrees is dead -of- winter weather !!!

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