Monday, October 22, 2012

Greetings from The Magnolia State !

The magnolia tree is Mississippi's state tree and the magnolia is the state flower..thus the nickname, "The Magnolia State"

Mississippi's state flower, the magnolia,

was chosen by school children of the state in November 1900.
It is recorded that 23,278 children voted and that the magnolia blossom
received over half of these votes.
The cotton blossom, promoted by the Mississippi Federation of Women's Clubs,
placed second and the cape jasmine placed third.

Magnolia blossom - 12,745 votes. Cotton blossom - 4,171 votes.
Cape jasmine - 2,484 votes


Magnolia grandiflora, commonly known as the southern magnolia or bull bay, native to the southeastern United States.   Reaching 90 ft in height, it is a large striking evergreen tree with large dark green leaves and large white fragrant flowers.  Widely cultivated around the world, over a hundred cultivars have been bred and marketed commercially. The timber is hard and heavy, and has been used commercially to make furniture, pallets, and veneer.  (Wikipedia)


Mississippi women are often referred to as 
Mississippi Magnolias.
I am one of those !