Monday, July 16, 2012

Diva on A Dime - Wardrobe 101

WARDROBE TIPS from the Diva:

Most people wear only about 20% of the items in their closet, because
the clothes are too big, or too small or because they don't fit into their
lifestyle or in with the rest of their clothing or because they need repairs
or because they just no longer like them anymore.
Get rid of ALL such items!
Keep ONLY what you absolutely love and wear on a regular basis

*** Remember to look for those style elements
that you are
repeatedly drawn to and love ***

Wardrobe Tip:

Become a SPOTTER
Look for those favorite style elements, name brands, ect. that you are
continually/consistently drawn to and that flatter you.
When you become good at SPOTTING at a glance, shopping is a breeze.

Wardrobe Building: COLOR SCHEME

You cannot possibly buy and wear every color and every color will not wear well on you! Narrowing down your choices makes shopping so much easier!
I suggest that you have about 3 core/basic colors that are the foundation of your wardrobe and three or four accent colors to jazz it up.
From looking at my wardrobe, you will immediately know what my colors are...
 BLACK, WHITE, GRAY...with a little pink and red thrown in here and there .

Narrow down your current and future
wardrobe selections / style choices to only those type items that you have found to be consistently appealing to you and flattering on you . You will always open your closet with delight and those  "I have nothing to wear" days will be far behind you.

DIVA Wardrobe Tip:

If it ain't broke..don't fix it!!
Find your style..and stick with it!
Stay with what works.
Don't try to conform to every new trend that comes along.
Everything just AIN'T for you!!
Buy and keep ONLY that which makes you look/feel FABULOUS!!!
If you have what you love... You'll love what you have...ALWAYS

Below are some blouses from my closet.
This is what it looks like when you stick closely to a strong color scheme.
You know mine is : BLACK, WHITE AND GRAY
with accents of Red, Yellow, Pink and Green
Everything goes with Everything..goes with everything!! (LOL)
The possibilities are endless!