Monday, November 12, 2012

Can't We ALL Just Get Along ????!!!

We have just emerged from a very brutal Presidential campaign season . Many people are still very upset about the outcome.
During the campaign, I saw some of the most racist, angry, nasty , degrading comments , posts and rants on many of my Facebook "friends" pages.
Most of them know that I don't allow negative or political arguments on my page .
That was generally respected.
However, one day, one of my Facebook friends decided to respond to another comment from a "friend" with a political rant which also had some very derogatory language aimed at black people. I could not help but respond.

I later wrote on my Facebook page:
I can't believe that one ridiculous comment got me ALL out of character yesterday addressing some foolishness ...which I usually never do. But, so many of my dear, sweet Facebook friends chimed in on a comment ,that I made about a derogatory comment posted on my page ,as if they needed to protect , defend or shield me from something. ...or maybe comfort and reassure me . I really have to chuckle at that ! There was absolutely no need !
I know who I am . I am confident about who I am. I appreciate ,who I am and I absolutely LOVE who I am...and Sistergirl can ALWAYS take care of herself !! Trust !! LOL!!.

The comment wasn't even really directed at me... other "friends" were commenting back and forth between each other. But , I do appreciate the sentiment of my overprotective friends, though ! LOL!!! It was kind of cute !

One of my sweet older (white) male Facebook friends was complimenting me, a while back on my positive attitude and the things I was saying and doing to promote the state.
He went on to say that he admired me and thought that it would probably shock , surprise and sadden me the things that are said behind closed doors (in terms of race)
I assured him that I have/had heard it ALL and that those things are not as "behind closed doors" as he might think.
Trust me, you cannot be an almost 50 year old black woman raised in the south (as I am) ...and NOT have heard it all !!!

I posted a comment yesterday, really in jest ...tongue in cheek after all the hoopla ...about letting everyone know that I am black.  It was a joking/half serious way of saying don't bring negative things about black people that you feel /say/believe on MY page. (You know ..the things said at the dinner table, in the back room , at the family picnic or at a political rally when you think the mic is off...Yeah THAT stuff! )
All of this "race stuff" makes me REALLY tired !!!!!!

It seems that in 2012 we would have/could have /should have progressed or "evolved" SO much further than we have with race relations and in issues of race period.  In my life and in my world it would be WAY too complicated for me to think of /look at people, relationships, personalities, circumstances ect only in terms of black and/or white.  I just don't .
My brother is married to a white woman. (Shout out to you sister-in law...Shari! )
I have two beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary, unbelievably wonderful little nephews ..who happen to have a black mother (my niece ) and a white father (her husband) .
My son's BFF /Best Buddy and neighbor since third grade is white .
He comes over to the house almost every Saturday. In fact , they are in there playing X-Box games right now!

And what ??!!! Do you think that I think/treat/judge/see any of these relationships in terms of black or white. I don't.
And, I don't see the relationships /people outside of my family in that way either .

I will say this, , if you have problems with people or dislike/hate/judge people solely based on race/color, I would suggest that you not look too far back in your genealogy (especially in the south) .  You might get some RUDE awakenings!

Diversity is/can be a BEAUTIFUL thing !

My friends know that one of my favorite sayings is:
Don't Hate ! Appreciate !
That really is my best advice !
That was my advice that day ...and it remains.

Can't we all just get along?