Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love is in the air... It's My (REAL) Anniversary

Today is my REAL Wedding Anniversary.
My husband, James, and I were married on September 11, 1993 at the church of Christ 
on Elvis Presley Boulevard in Memphis , Tennessee.

I have told you in a previous post how James has all of these OTHER "anniversary" dates for us (anniversary of our first phone call, anniversary of our first date, anniversary of the date we got our marriage license, ect.) These are dates that he quizzes me on every year...and dates that I NEVER remember !!!
Unfortunately ...and sadly, terrorists made my wedding anniversary day one that I 
(and practically all Americans) will never forget ...9-11
On September 11, 2001 thousands of Americans lost their lives in a terrifying
terrorist attack on U. S. soil. 
Although, I celebrate a joyous occasion on 9-11, it is always bittersweet.

I am always telling everyone about how my husband and I met on a blind date. 

We actually did!!
One of my dear friends, who I had not seen or talked to in several years, called me up out of the blue one day.  She said that she had found the perfect man for me.
He attended the church in Martin, Tennessee, where her husband was the minister.
She told me that she had been watching him and he was THE ONE !

My thoughts/reply……….
"What's wrong with him?" ..."Why does he need to be fixed up on a blind date?" 

Knowing the ratio of eligible black men to women...especially in the church,
I thought it very odd that he might need a "hook-up".
Anyway, to make a long story short, she talked me into agreeing to a blind date.
On the day of the date, I made her stay on the phone with me until he arrived/ until I saw him, so that I could tell her what I thought of him. I wanted to let her know if I was going to have to KILL her or not !
I was looking out of the window, with phone in hand, when he drove up.  When he got of the car, I told her that she was safe and that I would not have to kill her. I told her that he was handsome and "FINE"....but rather short , it seemed, for my taste, Anyway, he was passable, we got off of the phone .
I thought that it was a terrible date. It was! I think we argued the whole time! I KNOW that we argued all through our lunch at Ryans Steakhouse.  

Evidently he saw things differently.
He asked me for a second date...and the rest, as they say, is history.

 (In the poem I say we have been married 14 years. The poem was written in 2007. Now it is 19 years)

                Q:  What makes a marriage last? A:   REAL Love !

KIND SWEET WORDS from a dear, (male) Facebook friend on Anniversary post :

'Your love for each other shines through so bright in your poetry. But I can tell it shines every day, which only makes today that much more special. You are an example.'