Monday, February 4, 2013


To really get the most out of thrift shop/yard sale shopping, you must have a certain mind set, going in.  You must start to get used to practicing POSSIBILITY THINKING.
You must learn to see the present and future possibilities of almost anything.
Once you get into the habit of it, your brain will automatically start processing things in that manner.  By the way, the mind set of possibility thinking is not only great for shopping, it is a wonderful habit for almost every area of life.

In the shopping realm, possibility thinking means evaluating what can be done to make any item exactly what you want or need it to be.  Of course, everything won't, ultimately, fit into that category, but the challenge is to mentally give everything a fighting chance and not dismiss it too quickly.  Sometimes, just a few small adjustments can be made to make it absolutely perfect for you.  But, you must have the ability to look beyond what is, to what could be .

Sometimes, a person will disregard something and miss an absolutely fabulous find simply because it is not exactly the right fit, the size that the person usually wears, or has a few minor flaws, at that time.  There might be a button or two missing, a slight tear or other small flaw.  Not only can these things,usually,be easily and inexpensively fixed, when they are pointed out, you can often get an added discount on an already unbelievable deal.  If you came across a wonderful suit that you know normally retails in the $100 - $200 range and is offered for $1 - $5 but has a button or two missing or a small tear under the arm, why in the world would you NOT buy it?.  The tear can easily be sewn and buttons can very inexpensively be replaced.  The worst thing that could happen is that it won't work out exactly as you had hoped and you are out of $5 !  Boo Hoo !   You can always re-donate the item or pass it on to someone who would be glad to have it ...Like Me !!!   I can hook it up !!!   If you pass up an item like this in a thrift shop or at a yard sale, it just means that I will have made someone like me a very happy camper when they come across it !

 Once, I took a friend thrift shopping because she wanted to see how I do my Diva on a Dime style of purchasing.   We went to Thrift City on West Main Street in Tupelo on the 99 cent day, which is every Monday.  I was, of course, like a kid in a candy shop grabbing all kinds of things that I thought that she would like. She did like the style of almost everything that I pulled off the racks, but for so many of them, she had some reason that they were not QUITE right.  Most of the time, the reason that she gave for not getting an item was that it was too long, because she is petite.   An item being too short might sometimes be a problem, but too long should NEVER be a problem.!   I cannot even fathom turning down a new, very expensive designer dress with tags on it at a price of 99 cents, because it is TOO LONG !! WOW!!!
It is one of the mysteries of the universe.  Any item can be hemmed by yourself, a friend, or very inexpensively, by a seamstress.  All I can say about that is ....You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him (or her ) drink ! I am still shaking my head over that !
I came out of the store with several very large bags, as usual and she came out with 4 or five items . She was absolutely thrilled with all of her finds......but Oh, THE POSSIBILITIES (missed ) !!!

 I have a wonderful example of working with the possibilities.   Dear Hubby, found a beautiful ankle length evening dress with a lace overlay for me at the thrift shop on 99 cent day.  I absolutely loved it! It is one that I would have picked, if I had seen it.  But, after trying it on a few times, I kept thinking that something wasn't quite right . I felt that it could be more fabulous and more ME ! I decided to have the dress shortened to knee length while having the lace overlay remain long. It cost $10 to have altered, but it looked like a million bucks on me with the changes ! The dress was perfect and I rocked it ! I wore it to a black tie affair and got tons of compliments . The Diva was in full effect...on a Dime! You can be, too !

Well, that's all for now !
Until next time, Go Forth and Be Fabulous ! Be You ! DO You ! SHINE !