Monday, December 10, 2012

Made In Mississippi...Almost !

Before you read this post , please have a seat, take your blood pressure
medicine or WHATEVER you need to do ...

I have some shocking news for you!
Well, it's not NEW ...but it's news to some !!!

OK...Just Breathe!!!!     Here we go !!!!

I , Patricia Neely-Dorsey was not BORN in Mississippi !!!

OMG!!! I just heard someone hit the floor !!!!
I told you to SIT DOWN!!!!!! LOL!!!

It's true! I was actually born in Evanston, Illinois at Scott Air Force Base when
my Dad was in the U.S. Air Force.
Yes, unbelievable as it might seem...
I was not even born on SOUTHERN soil.
I know I know..calm down...I get a little queasy just saying it myself !!!!LOL!!!
At one of my book signings one of my readers was telling me that the same thing happened to her sister while their Dad was in the military. She said that her grandmother mailed a box of Mississippi dirt to put under the bed so that her sister would be born on Mississippi soil !!! Yes, it's that deep ! It's that serious !
Anyway, my Dad was on his way out of the service but did not make it in time for me to make my debut where I belonged.
I actually did not make it HOME until I was about two months old.
Both of my parents are from West Point, Mississippi.
When Daddy was discharged, we headed there, then relocated to Tupelo a few months later.

I have told this story in so many interviews and still no one is trying to hear it ! LOL!
I have told people SO many times that I was not born in Mississippi that I have stopped correcting them when they say it in my introductions. I am sure there is a lot of mix up because in my poem "If Mississippi's In You " I say in the last lines........

Every true Mississippian can surely have it said ..
"I'm Mississippi born, I'm Mississippi bred and when
I die I'll be Mississippi dead "

It's hard to explain that I used "poetic license" on that ...because that is just the way the poem came to me , that's the way I wrote it and that is the way I felt and feel . ...Mississippi Through and Through...although a few months shy of having it as my birthplace !!! LOL!!
I wasn't born in Mississippi( or even in the South) ..But, I got here as quick as I could !
As always, I continue Celebrating the South and Promoting a Positive Mississippi.

Happy 195th Birthday, Mississippi!

Happy 195th Birthday, Mississippi!

Mississippi became the 20th State in the Union 

on this day in history December 10, 1817 !