Wednesday, July 1, 2009

JULY-Family Reunion Month

JULY is traditionally Family Reunion Month with family gathering taking place all ove the country..especially during 4th of July weekend.
Let us take the time to reflect on, appreciate, cherish and celebrate the "gift" of family.

The Family Tree

We are a glorious tree
With beautiful branches outstretched,
Reaching toward the heavens;
Offering our various gifts
And fruits of our labor.
We share common roots,
That run deep in ancestral soil;
Nurtured by
Common purpose,
Faith, heritage and hope.
We hear the whispers and shouts
Of those gone before.
We hear the voices
Of that great cloud of witnesses,
Ever urging, prodding, coaxing ;
Giving meaning to our race,
Shedding light on our pathways
We carry a certain knowledge
Deep within us
Embedded within our very bones
And marrow;
Encoded in the blood,
That runs between us
Among us and through us;
Carrying a sacred message
Imparted across generations.
We stand united,
Singing praises
To the One
Who made us,
Gathered us,
And bound us
Into a
Family Tree

Patricia Neely-Dorsey 2009


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  2. This was so wonderful. I love reading about you on Sweet Nothings blog. I am from Mississippi and live 150 miles from Tupelo. In a rural community, North East Of Jackson.

  3. Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting... I really enjoyed reading this post. Keep writing

  4. Hi Patricia,
    Just dropping by to say "Hello"....Hope you are a having a great summer...Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen