Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome to the Celebrate the South Blog Tour

Patricia Neely-Dorsey

Hello Friends!

Thank you so much for sharing with me in a "Celebration of the South"through Poetry, Prose and The Written Word. I think that you are in for a real treat!

Over the next week, April 5-11, we will explore poems from my book, Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia- A Life in Poems.

There will ,also, be interviews, reviews and blogs that will offer new insights at every turn.
It is my sincere hope that those who live in the south will find a renewed appreciation for the wonderful beauty that surrounds us everyday.

For those outside of the south, I would like to give a more positive glimpse into the southern way of life. I know that we will ALL be reminded of the simpler pleasures of life.

As we travel down the country roads of childhood memories, personal thoughts and dreams, I am sure that you will (almost) be able to smell those fragrant magnolia blossoms, taste that syrupy sweet tea, hear the birds singing in the blossoming dogwood trees, and see the steam rising from that pan of hot cornbread.

You are about to embark upon a journey that is sure to excite your senses and warm your heart.

Thank you Again, for accompanying me , while I share with you, as the last line of one of my poems proclaims, "a way of life that I adore."

-- Patricia


  1. Patricia,

    Congrats on you new book and book tour! I pray that you have a successful tour.

    Arnita L. Fields

  2. Thanks for the letting me organize your tour and much success with your book. I believe it will be a classic on Southern life.

    Have a Blessed Palm Sunday!


  3. Keep up the good work and much success with your book.


  4. Hi Patricia,

    I would love to review a copy of "Mississippi Magnolias." I can imagine the poems are beautiful. Well, what steps do I take to review it? And thanks so much for the nice compliment about my reviews. Thanks for visiting me. I feel all jittery, a real author.

  5. Patricia,

    Good stuff! Congrats and best of luck sharing your words.


  6. Tea, You can e-mail me your info at

  7. Idg,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments, encouragement, and review.

  8. Hi Patricia,
    Just stopping by to show some love...have been trying to for a few days, but I've been having some computer problems. Much success with Mississippi Magnolias. I look forward to adding it to my collection.

    Love & Peace,
    Vanessa A. Johnson

  9. Here's my contribution! Much Love, Maggie

  10. Your poems are so beautiful! Good luck with your book.

  11. Glad I have found you online. I look forward to checking our the book and sharing some artistic glimpses of the South.

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  13. Patricia,
    Beloved words cannot express the appreciation I feel for your work. I know the feeling of living and enjoying the life in Mississippi, hunting off the Mississippi, fishing and traveling to the Gulf Coast back before Katrina. I remember when the Broadwater Beach Hotel was the Largest Hotel in the State with a Golf Course, Marina, and other admenities that other hotels did not have. I remember working on the antebellum homes in the city of Vicksburg, the rich southern flavor, the dark brown mahogany luster finish that characterized the long gone era of the civil war. It is still there.
    Patricia, you have found a heart in me that truly loves your work. I pray the Father your success as He takes you higher into a state of
    revealing the true Mississippian Life.

    Tommie Ray Broadwater